Monday, July 25, 2011

Filament Group iPod Drill-Down Menu As a Context Menu

Filament Group has an awesome menu but I needed it to work as a context menu (right clicking will bring up the menu.) If you need to do that too, just replace the following in the Javascript file (Note, I've just commented out the original and put the new code in under it):

$ = function(options){
var caller = this;
var options = options;
var m = new Menu(caller, options);

if (!m.menuOpen) { m.showLoading(); };
if (m.menuOpen == false) { m.showMenu(); }
else { m.kill(); };
return false;
}); */

/*New code for context menu*/
if (m.menuOpen == false) { m.showMenu(); }
else { m.kill(); };
return false;




Here's the menu from Filament Group:


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Liferay Theme Conversion - 5.2.3 - 6.0.6



-Under the body tag, put the following code in to display the Admin bar after sign-in:


-Remove the following line under the body tag:


-There is no dock any more. Remove

#parse ("$full_templates_path/dock.vm")


-Modify main.css to include the following:

@import url(dockbar.css);

@import url(extras.css);

-Copy those css files to your css directory.

-REPLACE the application.css file (to get the dock working)